PLOX London


Whats not to APE?!

Kids snacks can be a tricky one, there is so much rubbish out there which advertises itself as natural and healthy, but is packed with sugar and chemicals. Because of this, PLOX have been on mission to find delicious and fun snacks for packed lunches, travelling or party bags. Our mission is complete, but now were addicted to APE snacks…

The entire range is coconut based, and they have curls and coconut bites that come in multiple flavours which you can choose from.

Personally, the crunchy coconut bites with sesame come in first place for deliciousness but the salted chocolate crispy coconut curls come in pretty close behind. (let us know your thoughts!)

They taste fresh, light and are so Moorish. The packaging is fun, colorful and clear with all the info you need stated on the outside. What’s more is that there are no hidden nasty’s and you can find them anywhere from Revital to Holland & Barrett and OCADO which makes them super duper easy to find too. Frankly, what’s not to love..!?