PLOX London


Plox Illustrations..

We take colouring in very seriously at Plox, and so when it came to choosing an illustrator who could capture and understand exactly what we wanted plus more, the obvious choice was Lauren Humphrey. Her hilarious little characters that bring every day objects to life in a cheeky yet tasteful way are what originally drew us in. From there we just couldn’t wait to begin colouring, and using her drawings on our different products and branding.

We have 3 sheets of illustrations; our city scene, holiday scene and arts and crafts page. Each one consists of a collection of intricate, perfected doodles that we have either kept as a whole and printed onto our customisable rucksack, or taken apart and added to our holiday journal or playing cards.

What you will note in our illustrations is that each and every little object or character is part of the bigger picture as a whole and a vital part to the playful story where children are drawn into the friendly characters as they work their way through their play box.

These are our illustration sheets in whole, so that you can really see why we love them so much… (hint- its all in the details, look closely!