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“A Silicon valley school that doesn’t compute” – New York Times

When we’re sent articles featured in The New York Times about why schools in Silicon Valley have decided to teach screen free, it really grabs our attention. At Plox, we believe that there are only 8-10 years of a child’s life where they really play, and by play we mean play play, not play on a screen.

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and it is all around us. It is fantastic and fascinating, making our lives easier and faster without a doubt. However… children do not need to use it. Whats wrong with building dens, making mud pies, covering the kitchen table with newspaper and getting messy with paint and glue, skimming stones, playing stuck in the mud or sleeping lions? Nothing. Its a vital part of growing up, and something that I would wish upon no child to go without. This is why we really believe in the message that we convey through our products and parties; #thecreativewaytoplay and are all about playing, making and having fun!

Read the article from The New York Times in the link below and let us know your thoughts!