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Surviving long-haul tot travel – by Marissa Hermer

One of our most favourite bloggers and mama to Max, Jack and Sadie has written a fantastic post on her blog about how to survive travelling long- haul with tiny tots in tow.

Not only does Marissa mention Plox which is totally awesome, but she’s also a huge fan of Plane Pal, which we think is just THE most brilliant idea ever. If you haven’t come across them, you should look them up… their inflatable ‘space fillers’ as it were, go between a seat and the seat in front on a plane and enable a child to lie down and snooze properly, Giving adults some peace and quiet. Hurrah! (we have added a link below so that you can check them out)

Now onto what Marissa has to say about our nifty little Plox travel play boxes..

“Plox Box – I learned about these handy little boxes whilst we were in London, so we took them on our flight from LDN to LAX and thank goodness for the delights within! Max and Jake (Sadie snoozed through in her Cozigo – see below) colored in little backpacks (or because it is a British company, ‘rucksacks’) and wrote about their holiday in their holiday journal and we chatted through all our adventures using the travel activities book. If you have any godchildren or friends who are taking their children on a vacation soon, this is a great gift.”

Obviously we agree with all she has to say, and are thrilled that we helped to make their journey all the more enjoyable. What we’re most excited about though, is the fact that the boys enjoyed filling in their holiday journals, and we’re almost tempted to say that these are our favourite aspect of the play box.  Keeping and recording memories of holidays is something that we think is very important at Plox, not only does it mean that in years to come you can look back over those fun times and remember them but it also helps to engage little ones minds and inspire them to write, get creative and take in whats around them as they walk around during their trip. To get your kids their own #ploxtravel play box visit our ‘shop’ page and the Plane Pal website to get really organised and sort entertainment AND a good nights sleep!


To read her full blog post click the link below!