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Little Sharers

Everyone loves the concept of presents… right? It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or if you’re 50, when it comes to receiving gifts we all get excited. Some people find more joy in giving, and others in receiving.. Some people spend forever choosing something special, and others order the easiest thing they can find on Amazon… With Mother’s Day in the past and Easter coming up, the art of present giving and recieving is something we’re talking about at Plox this week.

Your birthday comes around once a year, as does Christmas. There’s also Valentine’s Day, this new thing called a half birthday (we can’t quite get our heads around this one) as well as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, International Women’s Day, Day of the chocolate cookie, taco, donut etc. etc. etc.

These events become bigger and bigger every year and people spend more and more money on them much to the retail industry’s utter delight. However, in our opinion it’s all becoming a bit much… Don’t get us wrong, we’re no Scrooge when it comes to gifts –  but when we came across this awesome new online gift giving concept called ‘Little Sharers’ it completely changed the way were going to approach the situation going forward and wanted to share their idea with you.

When a child has a birthday party and invites the whole class, your house is then filled with piles of tat you’re forbidden to throw away for months on end. To be honest, why should your child give up the coloured plastic they really don’t need but love?…They shouldn’t. However, if you had control over the gifts they received then both solutions would be solved – no tat and they get what they actually want. You know what they really want because they’ve been asking for it since their last birthday and they wouldn’t even know about the useless tat that’s out there because they haven’t been given it.

This, is what Little Sharers offers you. And what’s more there’s a whole other side to the business, where half of the total amount you’d like to spend on a child’s present goes to charity, plus you choose which charity…we’re in awe.

‘One gift fund: half for you half for charity’