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Easter craft making ideas


What you need;

Paper Doilies
Craft paper or coloured card
Paint brush
Small container of water
Craft glue

How to make;

  1. Trace out an egg shape on the craft paper and cut it out. (To make a symmetrical egg fold a piece of scratch paper in half and draw half an egg, cut it out, unfold the paper, and use as a template).
  2. Colour doily with markers being careful not to rip the doily . Next  carefully brush water on the doily with the paint brush so that the marker runs like water colors and set it aside to dry.
  3. Trace the craft paper egg onto the doily and cut out the doily before gluing the doily to the craft paper.
  4. (You could also turn them into lovely Easter cards by gluing them on a folded piece of paper.)

Beautiful Easter Egg Doily Craft for Kids Inspired by Rechenka’s Eggs


What you need;

Paint chart
Hole punch

How to make;

  1. Begin by drawing egg shapes on the back of about 10 pieces of paint chart card before cutting them out in the same of different sizes.
  2. Once you have 15-20 egg shapes in a range of colours from the paint chart make two small holes side – by – side at the top end of each egg-shape.
  3. Thread the string through each egg so that they all hand nicely in a line and tie at both ends before attaching to a door or across a window!



12″ x 12″ cardstock paper
carrot or bunny cookie cutter
white paint
large white Pom
Neon Glitter Caddy
small white paper plate

1. Use your pencil to draw a bunny shape on your cardstock paper.

2. Pour white paint on your small paper plate. Dip the carrot cookie cutter into the paint and stamp the bunny. Continue dipping the cookie cutter into the paint and stamping the bunny as much you want.

3. After you are done stamping, use your Neon Glitter Caddy to sprinkle different colors of glitter all over the wet paint. Dump off the excess glitter. The Neon Glitter Caddy comes with large holes for each color for pouring, instead of a standard glitter shaker.

4. Glue on a large Pom for the bunny tail and let the craft dry completely.
The glitter makes it sparkle and shimmer and adds such a fun touch of color to the craft!

Stamped Bunny Craft


This one is one of our most favourite ways to decorate Easter eggs, and we have used this tutorial from ‘Crafty Morning’ countless times. It works the best and so the link is below so that you can click though and watch it for yourself with all the instructions on how to make them at home.

Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs


Seasonal wreaths are something that we make all the time… whether it be Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or even someones birthday- they are simple, fun and look fantastic.

What you need;

Coloured card printed with patterns belonging to whichever season it is
Glue stick
Cardboard cutout in a circular or heart shape with a hole in the middle

How to make;

  1. Draw between 30-40 of the same shape (hearts, eggs, circles, pumpkins) over the back of a few pieces of your coloured, patterened paper before cutting each one out.
  2. Once you’ve got all your shapes, begin layering them one-by-one onto the card wreath shape till you’ve covered the whole thing (leaving space for a small hole at the top)
  3. Once you’ve stuck all of the shapes down and the glue has dried, loop your string through the hole and tie a knot so that you can hang from a door!